Cusick Group Realtors LLC
Brian Cusick

Frequent Seller Questions

Q: What are some costs associated with selling your home?

This can vary quite a bit. Some of the variables include: any suggested renovations, property preparation, staging and possibly some moving and storage costs. There are also taxes and commissions. Don’t worry, we always prepare a specific and detailed cost analysis for our sellers right up front so they have a realistic picture of the costs associated with their sale.  This is especially helpful for the seller when preparing a priority list of improvements to make the home look its best.

Q: How are buyers attracted to a Cusick Group property?

A Cusick Group listing stands out every time simply because of the way your property is presented. We begin right away by collaborating with you to focus on any needed home improvements or deferred maintenance items and then move on to furniture arrangement, de-cluttering and possibly staging. Once your home is looking its best (within whatever your budget allows) we get to work creating an extensive online presence for your home. We believe it is critical for your home to look fantastic on the internet and we devote an enormous amount of energy to ensuring this outcome. We know that buyers must first find your home interesting on the internet before they will ever make the trip to see your home in person. Our experience has shown us that the upfront collaborative efforts between the Cusick Group and you, the homeowner, will yield you the highest sales price in the shortest amount of time.

Q. What factors will influence the price of your home?

The sales price of your home is influenced by many things. Elements such as neighborhood schools, shopping, commuting options, etc can all have positive or negative effects on the price of your home. We at the Cusick Group understand that most home sellers are already aware of these factors so we focus on the things you can actually control.  We want you to maximize the market value of your home and we know that three elements are responsible for any successful sale. The three items are condition, accessibility and price.  Condition relates to how well maintained your home is and this may be an area where we will recommend some improvements. Accessibility relates to how easily your home can be shown. We want you to make your home as open to potential buyers as possible. The third item is price. Our experience has shown us that proper pricing is critical to being a successful seller. Our philosophy is to walk you through the pricing process with real time data to gauge the market value of your home. We want you to understand and believe that your home is a competitively priced, well prepared and marketed property that will command the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time.

Q. What is the seller’s role during this process?

Your role as seller is essential. The Cusick Group believes in a collaborative process where your needs are at the center of the process. Through each step we want you to be involved in making market based decisions with real time data. We understand that you may prefer to be more or less involved than other sellers which we welcome, but the shared experience of our sellers is that we remained focused on their needs and delivering results.